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  • 4-range operation (0.3T, 0.6T, 1.2T, 3.0T)
  • Touch screen interface
  • Network via LAN, can operate using LabView VI (supplied)
  • Data logging
  • Simultaneous field and temperature display
  • For MPT-141/231 and LPT-141/231 probe models

DTM-152 Digital Teslameter / Gaussmeter

PriceFrom $7,257.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • The DTM-152 Digital Teslameter is the latest product of Group3 that boast a touch screen interface to operate the DTM. Instead of mechanical switches and buttons that are still being used on the older versions to operate the unit, the DTM-152 display is touchscreen-based so setting the unit to user’s specification is quick and easy. The digital readout now shows not just the field reading but the temperature of the sample at the same time.


    Another feature of the DTM-152 is its data logging capability where user can now do their data gathering on the DTM itself and saves the output CSV file on to an external memory drive such as a USB drive or hard disk. This eliminates the need for a separate computer terminal and software to do a data log of a particular session such as field mapping of a magnet.


    Also, a useful feature is the Graph function of the DTM-152.  Users can see the behavior of a particular session instead of just looking at the field reading. The graphical display lets the user monitor visually if there are sudden or abrupt changes in the field over a period of time. The time and field range are configurable depending on the user’s preferences.


    Lastly, the DTM-152 can be monitored and controlled over a network, thanks to the built –in Ethernet connectivity and our custom-built LabView VI that comes with this unit. Applications such as synching the timing of a robot arm when mapping the field of a magnet makes this an important and useful feature.

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