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  • Accuracy at ± 0.01% of reading ± 0.006% of full scale max. at 25°C when paired with LPT-141 or MPT-141 probe
  • 4-range operation (0.3T, 0.6T, 1.2T, 3.0T)
  • 3Hz data stream
  • Serial Communication
  • Analog Output port
  • Bench Model

DTM-151 Digital Teslameter / Gaussmeter

PriceFrom $5,806.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • The probe's characterisation information is stored in the probe assembly itself so any Group3 probe can be used with any Group3 DTM. However for full accuracy the DTM-151 should be used with a probe that has temperature compensation circuitry such as MPT-141 or LPT-141.

    • Two buttons on the front panel are used to select the operation of the teslameter. The following modes can be selected for the display - magnetic field, peak hold of magnetic field, AC component of field, probe temperature.

    • Digital filtering (time averaging) can be enabled to suppress short term fluctuations.

    • Several teslameters (up to 31) with serial communications can be formed into a local communications loop, all of them talked to by the one serial port on the control computer. The system can be operated in a trigger mode, where the timing of the measurements by several teslameters can be synchronised.

    • Internal switches select serial data format, baud rate, device address, string terminators, filtering, gauss or tesla units, data format, service request action, EOI action, and reset system to defaults.

    • Two analog outputs are available. These are a buffered version of the raw probe signal, and are not corrected for linearity or temperature.

    • All models are available without display or front buttons, for true “Black box” requirements.

    • Panel mount versions are available, and panels with correct cut-outs and mounting hardware.

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